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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 20, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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40s for many, 37 in the city, 50 degrees, a lot of rain in the pacific northwest, just a lot of high and mid-level clouds scooting through and we we will be cloudy in the afternoon, not a lot to this, just high clouds coming across and i think we'll see a lot of high and mid-level cloudiness and temperatures up to 70 degrees. here is sal. let's go out and see what we have with the east shore freeway traffic is moving along well, no major problems apt the bay bridge toll plaza. and also at the commute we are looking at the commute, it is about a 10 men drive if you are driving across into san francisco and also 580 is also to a good start as you drive towards dublin out of livermore, let's go back to the
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desk. once again, the entire country is talking about a lottery ticket sold in the south bay. one ticket had all six numbers from the powerball drawing, here is alex savage with more. >>reporter: somebody stopped by to buy a powerball ticket and will have a whole lot of extra cash, he bought that ticket and it was the only ticket to match all six numbers in last night's drawing. the winner has not stepped forward and really, it is so early on potentially they don't know they have hit the jackpot. excitement began to build here as word came down about that
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powerball winner and employees are hoping this will boost ticket sales. >> after this, we hoped may be is the sales go up especially the lotteries. >> reporter: now the chevron station man, he will get a $1 million payout for selling the winning ticket. that ticket was sold between saturday and last night. let's check them just to see if anybody is holding on to that winning ticket and here are the numbers from last night's drawing. 1, 17, 35, 49, 54 and the powerball number is 4. now the person will get a lump sum payout of $242 million. not too shabby h ktvu channel 2
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morning news. well, this is the second big money lottery ticket in the past few months. delivery truck driver in december pout one and he split half of a $648 million megawinter in georgia and he said he forgot he bought the ticket and didn't claim his prize until early january. and the new developments in the brian stow beating case. now two los angeles television stations are reporting lieuty sanchez and marvin norwood have agreed to plead guilty. they are accused of beating him nearly to death nearly three years ago and his parents are expected to be there for a victim impact statement. sources will tell the judge how the beating three years ago has changed their lives.
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he was a paramedic and a father of two children and celebrated his 40th birthday while trying to recover from the critical head injuries. he is scheduled to face a judge again today. andrew nesbitt, they filed new charges and a third victim came forward to say he had been sexually abused. he was arrested in livermore before his arrest. joseph was walking with an a cane with innocence -- a cane with innocence -- a acquaintance near the library. he uttered homo phobic remarks and when that person refused he
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punched the man and took his phone. >> you always hear of berkeley be liberal and accepting so it was not something i expect had to hear. >> he is in custody on 130 130,000 dollars bail. they are reacting to the news that the grocery chain could be sold. the ceo confirms talks are underway but that deal has been reached. a veil sale would affect 250 northern county schools some competition are worried. those are the thanked aup every month. >> safe way has completed with places like wal-mart and whole
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foods and trader joe's. sigh of way is the -- safe way is the largest employer in the east bay. governor brown is pushing for emergency legislation to help the state cope with the drought. governor brown is proposing to use 670 million toll expedite for drought relief efforts. funding local converse evacuation measures and funding expansion of recycled water. >> this is a time to rise above and pull together as californians and we don't know how long this thing is going to last. most have come from voters who can have a bill readied in a
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few weeks. they are looking into was ordering water rationing. they could take cuts by april 1 april 1st, they will have a better eye deer pie april and the mandatory restrictions will occur in may. they are looking for a man accused of trying solicit sex from a 15-year-old girl. the suspect came to her on tuesday night and asked her for sex. there is 'end cries in treat robberies but she did not want to appear on cameras. >> up looked down, i was so
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scared i could not do anything. >> the head of the mt. claire service have that travels and they can provide police he escorts if they are tied up elsewhere. it happened at an intersection where a 75-year- old. the man was rushed to the hospital with head injuryels and a broke end level. the same thing happened where he was killed and it happened at the stop site have been fast tracked and the
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traffic has reportedly responded. and they are looking for a start under which is more popular around the world than the u.s. the app is a an inn stranding weather system. people we spoke with say it costs very little to walk is national aspect of it and i. >> i have a lot of friends who live a broad. >> once used, and it cost 99 clips. the two projects underway to give the old bay bridge a new life. i just shot it i guess.
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>> how once he got it, the new basketball team for the mvp. >> almost everywhere san what matt matt bridge is the same -- san mateo bridge same thing. temperatures will warm up and a few locations will be nine 07 -- near 70 and we'll see how this pattern holds. ?ññ;ñ;
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. welcome back, time now 443 and we are hearing for the mother of jahi mcmath, and her mother said there are signs of
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optimism. after a legal dispute with the hospital she was moved. she wrote despite what they say about my daughter being dead and i must be ignorant, i can tell you she is much better physically and i see changes that give me hope. you can read the entire letter and we have posted it on the top story tab. there are new -- there is new information after an elderly woman was assaulted in the emergency room. she was attacked friday night by a man who was being transferred to the psychiatric unit. he was beating her with an iv stand. >> he closed the curtain behind him and in a closed area, and he started doing what he did. >> now this is just the latest incident inn shroffing the
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psychiatric unit at the hospital. they reported 34 injuries to osha and they say staffing levels are to blame. the hospital said staffing levels was not to blame in friday's attack. and now i want to go to a a life report between clashes and protests. meantime reporters at the scene said they heard gunfire and several demonstrators fell to the ground and others were carried away on stretchers. they decided to have a trade deal and instead turn towards russia. they are warning terror groups may be planning shoe bomb attacks headed to the u.s.
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new intelligence indicate terrorists have been working on shoe bomb designs. now the government is asking them to expand their use of swabbing which picks up explosive residue. >> you have to give them credit, problems have continued. 34 workers were fired for reportedly obtaining cpr certification cards without completing the program. a spokesperson for the rural ambulance company said the workers were let go for violating company procedures. a spokesperson representing them said they are surprised
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and disappointed by the company's actions. they will take place at the convention center and he is expected to touch on topics ranging from finances as well as pension reform, they will also consider outstanding citizens. am now there is a proposal to political foreign why into six states with the bay area being call 2 divisionings. theythey have parts of sacramento which would be called north california and now they are putting the proposal on had the ballot but even if it pass it is would meet stiff opposition in congress.
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and in tibetan rob and best deer. >> we would be living in silicone valley and you would be living in north california. >> we would be living in different states. >> i wonder how that woman affect our commute and tolls as we look at the commute, it has been a ten minute drive across into san francisco so you have your opportunity if you want top hit the area and this is a look at the commute 880 westbound on vallejo coming into the mcarthur maze and it looks good. from the pass it looks slow, no problems in the caster valley, 448, let's go to steve.
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>> hold on sal. >> i was in northern california, i had to get back. >> thank you sir. >> we have a 0 lot of high clouds, it will be milder, clues. the we have look and it sure looks like rain next week and there is still 5 or 6 days away before we see the whites of its eyes. 50 in san francisco, a lot of 40s but those seem to be the two extremes. a lot of clouds for us rain in the pacific northwest and might
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each startup out sunny, look at chicago is getting rocked and i have heard some reports of thunder snow and you can see severe weather coming out ahead he have it and it is just a lot of crazy weather and high clouds mild to warm, near 70 for some, a above average if not 60 to 70 degrees, brentwood that should say, los gatos and mostly sunny takes us into the week condition and it will be sunny -- weekend and it will be sunny over the next five days. if you don't want to know the standings, get ready tonight hit the mouth button.
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just close your eyes than puts her in a great event. and now she is not going into today's event. she is defending the gold medal champion and she is at least second with italy in third. u.s. national champion crazy gold has a great name for the olympics and she is in 4th, could contend for an olympic metal and look at the current metal count. u.s. is in first and they are followed by north way which has to have the most gold and then it is germany. 4:51 high school has its sites set and this will already be remembered for a true
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magical moment in sports. well, that was the team manager who made it and that was 17- year-old lucas cortez. he has definitely noticed now. which is what it should be. >> definitely noticed, we need to see that again, lucass basket didn't affect that and fans agree this was one of the greatest games of ever. coming up, a palo alto
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. a candle light vigil was held for a man and they gathered gathered for a man, deputies had been called to the home at least 19 times and family members said he was in poor health and the use of deadly force was not necessary. and during an oakland raiders' game, he saw a woman jump through the third deck of the coliseum seem. he broke the woman's fall with his own body and now he will be honored with the special ceremony pie the oakland coliseum authority. people live there is are now suing the owners. the upscale is near stand ford university. they claim they are financially
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in the red and charge with breach of the contract and abuse of elders. they paid an entry fee with the promise they they would get it and the promise of no money will be returned. >> what happens if times get tough. they simply say sorry residence, we don't have the money to pay your estate. >> he will vigorously oppose these in in court and they have the right to move money between the different locations. there is information for childbirths. they are asking them to give them more time rather than
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assume that the labor has stalled. obstetricss are giving them time rather than give being them c-sections. they say c-sections are being overused and nearly one in three women gives birth c- section. in the will, hoffman asks that his son not be raised in hollywood. instead, he wanted them in a major city like new york, chimp chicago or san francisco. he prepared it before the birth of his daughters and they were made public after his death after a heroin overdose this month. the winning ticket is sold here in the bay area.
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and a change in policy what will they to and the traffic looks good we will gooding this you a look and we will see if the weather holds into the weekend.
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. the search is on this morning for a powerball winter here in the bay area. somebody bought a winning ticket worth $425 million. when that winning ticket was sold. >> three years after the brutal beating of brian stow, the major developments expected to take place in just a few happens hours. and live in san francisco, they struck it in the same spot earlier this month and we will tell you what safety improvement rolls in store. . good morning, did you buy a ticket for powerball? >> no


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